We're Bringing Work/Life Balance Back!

Achieving a balance between your work and your home life is a constant struggle for many women entrepreneurs.

I get it. You want to be successful at work. You love the feeling of accomplishment in a job well done, but you also strive to avoid letting others down.

At home, you want to be present for your family, spend some time with friends, pursue a hobby or two, and make self-care a priority. But there just never seems to be enough time for everything.

This leads us to the well-travelled path towards the ever-evasive goal of achieving work/life balance.

Helping people succeed in that journey is my passion. Let’s take a look at some tools and processes I use with my clients to help bring clarity, focus, and balance back to your life and business.

How to Bring Balance Back to Your Workday

An important thing to remember is that you are not your business, and your business is not you.

The success of your business is not solely dependent on the “work” that you do. It is dependent on the health of all aspects of your life.

When you are trying to restore work/life balance it’s important to take a holistic approach, looking at all the different areas of your life and business and how they work together.

8 Areas of Focus

Your life and business have many areas of focus. If any one area is out of balance, it can affect the other areas. Consider each of these 8 Areas of Focus and identify which ones might need more attention than you are currently giving them:

1. Emotional

Are you connected with how you are feeling and expressing your emotions? Think about what brings you peace, love, balance, and joy and add those to your days and weeks. Make sure you are nurturing your confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

2. Financial

Create a budget and plan for debt elimination, savings for emergencies, and work to establish financial security and/or financial independence. Explore opportunities to make more and/or spend less. Take control of your relationship with money.

3. Environmental

Clear clutter, get organized, and surround yourself with things that are positive and inspiring. Explore sustainability and “green living.” Lead a lifestyle that is respectful of and in harmony with nature.

4. Intellectual

Explore creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning. Learn new concepts, improve skills, and seek challenges. Tune in to your true thoughts!

5. Occupational

Some choose to find the ideal job, career, or business, or start a new business. Others focus on finding satisfaction and worth in your work, working environment, and relationships at work. Learn how to be more focused, efficient, and productive.

6. Physical

Work to establish healthy habits around exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Set goals for physical activity – walks every day, exercise habits, or perhaps running a race. Appreciate and take care of your body.

7. Social

Spend time building powerful and meaningful relationships, and set boundaries to break free from energetically draining people and situations. Consider contributing time and energy to the betterment of your community.

8. Spiritual

Think about and identify your core values and passion. Discover, harness, and share your life’s purpose. Explore how you are connecting with the world/universe.

How Can I Make Improvements?

No matter what area you choose to work on, improvements can be made with a Mindset-Strategy-Action approach.

Many times we have a general goal in mind, like “I want to have a better work-life balance.” Other times we see a specific challenge: “I’m working too many hours,” or “I feel like I don’t have time for my friends anymore.”

Either way, paying attention to and defining your mindset, then developing a strategy and taking action, will help you successfully make improvements in that area.


How are you feeling mentally regarding this goal or challenge? Are you experiencing fear, insecurity, or wondering if this is the right way to do things? Or are you excited and eagerly anticipating the adventure? What can you do with those thoughts and feelings to channel them into overcoming the challenge and/or achieving the goal?


Once you’ve got your head on straight and you’re ready to tackle the goal or challenge, it is important to create a strategic plan. Just like driving your car across the country, it will be much easier to get where you are going if you have a map with turn-by-turn directions.Take the overall goal and break it down to the steps you need to take monthly, weekly, and daily in order to get there. You can always take a detour if (when) an obstacle pops up, but you will always get further and faster when you have a plan.


OK now it’s time for action. You can have a great mindset and all the plans in the world, but if you don’t actually take action, you will never achieve your goals. You can’t just sit back and wait for your goals to magically appear. So take a deep breath, turn on some funky or motivating music, and pick up the phone, walk in to that networking meeting, send that email, write that blog, call that friend, or do whatever it is that you need to do to Get Stuff Done!

How Do These Processes Help Me Find Balance?

There is no one pathway to establishing work/life balance, and watching and imitating what others do can result in frustration and discouragement. It is important to find your own path, By learning about yourself and creating a plan that honors your situation in each Area of Focus, you are taking an important step towards achieving balance and harmony in your life and business

Actions you can take to create more balance at home can include:

  • Daily & Weekly self-care routines

  • Clearing visual clutter from areas in which you need to focus with a clear mind

  • Creating schedules that capitalize on your energy cycles

  • Time management and blocking your schedule

  • Incorporating routines and rituals into your mornings and evenings

  • Creating a self-reward motivation system for chores and tasks

  • Using apps for meal planning and shopping

  • Creating an area in your house for peaceful relaxation

Actions you can take to create more balance at work can mean:

  • Creating systems to simplify & streamline day-to-day activities

  • Learning how to really connect with your ideal client

  • Getting organized - physical and/or digital

  • Effectively pricing, packaging and promoting your services in a way that values your time, energy, and expertise

  • Improving practices around time-management

  • Learning how to utilize the passion and gifts of your team members

When you read through these, you will read some of these action steps and think “YES! I need this in my life!” You will read others and they won’t resonate as something you need or want. This self-awareness will help you identify the action steps you need to take to achieve to work/life balance.

You Can Do This!

Making the decision to address and improve your work/life balance is a HUGE step—pat yourself on the back! By looking at each of the areas above you can begin to create the mindset, strategy, and action needed to bring your work and life back into balance.

If you have a hard time tackling something like this on your own, I would love to help! Book a complimentary Get Stuff Done Consultation, where we can discuss your biggest goals and challenges, and the best way to work together to achieve the results you are looking for.

Let’s bring that work/life balance back!

Until next time,