What Does An Effective Team Look Like?

Are you struggling with team issues in your business? Perhaps you have high employee turnover, or there isn’t a consistent experience for your clients.

I get it—when your company starts to grow, you begin adding a team to help get things done and it can get a bit crazy. There is no training manual or guide, you just kind of piece it together and do training on the go.

Then suddenly all sorts of issues start popping up, and you realize that having no training process is starting to catch up with you . . . in a really bad way.

Signs That Your Team Needs Help

When you have a team that doesn’t go through a consistent training process or have consistent guidelines, the problems that occur can impact your business in many ways. Read the following and note which scenarios are occurring in your company:

Employee Dissatisfaction

Employees are working in an environment where they don’t feel comfortable sharing ideas and receive little to no feedback. They have received minimal training and don’t feel like they are using their skills and/or their gifts in their job.

There is no feeling of being part of a bigger vision.

Bad communication

Communication between departments or between management and employees is low to non-existent; discord is common. Employees don’t feel comfortable sharing their ideas, or may share them and feel like no one listens.

Employees don’t feel valued

Employees don’t feel they are valued, and don’t feel like they are part of the team. They feel unsupported and unrecognized.

High Turnover

Employees are generally quite dissatisfied and do not stay at the company long.

No Training or Onboarding Process

New employees receive inconsistent training, and each person receives a different overall amount of training. Much of an employee’s learning is done on the fly, struggling to complete real-time tasks.

No Standard Operating Processes

No standard processes exist for repetitive tasks, which means that they get done differently from one time to the next based on who completes the task.

Inconsistent Customer Experience

Customers do not experience the same quality of service each time they interact with your company; they may have a great experience one time, and a not-so-great experience the next.

Characteristics of a Good Team

There are a lot of details you need to address in order to make effective, cohesive, and happy teams. Developing a good team involves attention to each of the following areas:

Good Communication

Members of an effective team feel comfortable discussing ideas, bringing up concerns, and challenging the status quo.

Company systems are developed that create opportunities for communication, and the culture views communication as valuable and necessary.

Consistent Quality Of Service

Clients receive the same level of service whether they are interacting with your company at 10 am or 5 pm. Communication and quality are consistent from time to time and from customer to customer.

Team Cohesion

Team members feel supported, trusted, and appreciated. They feel like they’re a valuable part of the team and part of the overall vision— and they appreciate the unique skills and passions that each coworker brings to the team.

Solid Onboarding Program

Each employee goes through the same onboarding process— they receive the same training and know what is expected of them.

Solid Standard Operating Procedures

The company has templates, systems, and processes for all recurring operations. This creates consistency across company departments and also for the customer experience.

Self Sufficiency

Effective teams have the training and tools needed to operate on their own. They do not need constant supervision, but are confident and carry out their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

How You Can Create Effective Teams in Your Company

If you’re a business owner with team issues, you have a number of choices.

You can keep doing what you're doing . . . but if you are already experiencing problems, they will only get worse as time passes.

You can also try to figure it out as you go—maybe read some teamwork books, or Google it . . . but chances are you will quickly become overwhelmed with all of the different articles and opinions, not to mention the thought of trying to implement them while also keeping your business running.

This is where a productivity coach can be a game changer.

An experienced productivity coach will develop custom systems, templates, and processes for each of the functions in your company. They work with you to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and develop routines and systems for your specific teams that will save time, build cohesiveness, and increase revenue.

These systems will empower your employees and create a culture of communication and teamwork.

Are You Ready To Take Your Teams To The Next Level?

Do you want to create teams that are so knowledgeable and effective that they can keep your company running without your constant supervision?

Is your goal to create an environment in which employees feel supported, appreciated, and love their job? And a company culture in which each employee feels like they are part of something “bigger” while using their passions and skills to benefit the team?

Monica Young is a productivity coach with a highly individualized approach; she looks at your unique situation and devises a plan specific to your business and your needs.

This means she will not take you on a generic path to success—she will find the best path for you.

Schedule a free phone consultation to learn how she can help streamline your processes and create happy, effective teams!

About Monica Young

Monica is a productivity coach for service-based businesses with teams of 2-25. Her personalized and intuitive approach has helped her clients reach their goals in a way that feels peaceful and balanced, so they can work and play with passion and joy!

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