The Power of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Checklists

On a typical workday, many women entrepreneurs find themselves constantly multi-tasking while handling perpetual distractions.

They experience incessant pressure, huge amounts of stress from knowing there is a lot to do, and a never-ending worry that they might be forgetting something.

Does this sound like your day?

Working in an environment like this can make it easy to make mistakes, work less efficiently, and forget to complete tasks.

Distraction can result in accidentally forgetting even the simplest of tasks, or missing steps in basic procedures.

Luckily, there is a simple solution that not only prevents important tasks from falling through the cracks, but will also result in a more focused, less stressed, and more productive YOU!

Let’s talk about how checklists take the pressure and distraction out of the daily, weekly, and monthly demands of your business.


I LOVE checklists! I use them regularly in my personal and professional life, and have seen client after client free up mental energy and emotional capacity and become more productive than they dared to hope for.

All of this—from using daily, weekly, and monthly checklists.

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Check out all the ways that using checklists could improve your workday and your business:

  • Organizes Your Activities and Thoughts When you have designated times and spaces for your activities and a system to record your thoughts, they don’t get all jumbled up in your head, swirling around and sucking up your mental energy. Lists help you organize your thoughts and break your tasks into scheduled work periods.

  • Reduces Emotional Stress Knowing all of your tasks and activities are recorded on your checklists allows you to mentally let them go until it’s time to focus on that task. This frees up your mental and emotional capacity for the project you are currently working on and helps you stay organized and get stuff done.

  • Provides a Specific Time and Place For All The Thoughts, Tasks, And Deadlines Swirling In Your Head Many of you may work each day with an underlying sense of fear of missing a deadline or forgetting to complete a task. Assigning a place or time gives you peace of mind; you know they are on your checklists, you can circle back around to them when you are ready, and you can have confidence that you are on top of everything.

  • Boosts Efficiency And Productivity When you are less distracted and more focused, you are able to complete tasks much more efficiently. The more efficient you are, the more productive you become!

  • Increases Quality Of Work When you have checklists to follow each day, week, and month, not only are you more efficient and productive, but your quality of work increases. Organizing your tasks into lists decreases the likelihood of forgetting tasks and allows you to do your work with an uncluttered and unworried mind—and thus do better at anything you are working on.

  • Unexpected Changes Can Be Taken In Stride When unexpected changes happen, you are able to respond—not react. You have the ability to look ahead to see if commitments need to be moved, and you can do so without dropping any balls.

  • Improves Client Relations The mental clarity that increased organization creates will give you more focus and clarity when working with your clients. Being distracted or frazzled never creates a good impression. On the flip side, a calm, confident demeanor shines through when you interact with your clients. That leads to a better experience for them, and more renewals and referrals for you!

  • Increases Your Mental Capacity When you corral all of the swirling thoughts and deadlines in your head and organize them into checklists, you free up mental capacity to focus on what you are doing at the time. This means you produce more effective, thorough results.

  • Creates A Dedicated Time And Space Having daily, weekly, and monthly checklists allows you to create a dedicated time and space for each of your tasks, projects, and meetings no matter how often they occur. This not only ensures that they get done, but ensures you have the time to do them well.

  • Equips You To Make Better Decisions When your mental energy and emotional capacity are freed up, you are able to make calm, rational, and well-thought-out decisions. Better decisions impact your business on each and every level!

Get More Stuff Done Using Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Checklists!

At the end of the day, everybody wants to get stuff done—efficiently, effectively, and with top-notch quality. Most business owners also long to reduce the amount of stress they feel on a daily basis.

My gift to you today is a set of daily, weekly, & monthly checklists to give you a jump start in transferring all the thoughts in your head to concrete lists that will keep you organized and efficient.

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