My 5-Step Get Stuff Done Process

Do you have too much to do—and too little time?

Is your business thriving, but you have so many plates in the air you don’t know how to keep them all spinning?

I hear you. Years ago, I was in the same place that you are now.

My business was growing beyond my wildest dreams, but along with growth came overwhelming demands on my time.

I needed a way to keep growing my business and leading my team without the constant feeling of being behind, dropping the ball, and letting people down.

The process I created became my path back to a balanced life and business. It was so successful that I started teaching it to my clients.

They, like me, were amazed at how this 5-step process helped them create more consistency with their team, get better results and referrals from their clients, and increase revenue, all while saving 5-10 hours a week.

The 5-Step Get Stuff Done Process

My 5-Step Get Stuff Done Coaching Process is a tested and refined system that will help you shift from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm and in control. When implementing this system consistently, you will get more done in less time, create a more productive team, a better experience for your clients, and achieve your greatest goals, all while saving 5-10 hours a week .

How does this happen?

This process breaks your overwhelming task list into short, achievable tasks—enabling you to get stuff done efficiently and effectively. The foundations that I focus on with my clients include:

1. Assessment

The first step is to do a thorough lifestyle and business assessment.

Your lifestyle assessment will consist of looking at 8 different areas of your life, where you currently are in each area, and what your 30-60-90 day goals are for each one.

For your business assessment, we take an in-depth look at 12 areas of your business and evaluate:

  • What is going on in each area currently?

  • What is working, what is not working?

  • What would you like this area to look and feel like in the next 90 days? 6 months? Year?

  • How important and/or urgent is it to make a transformation in this area of your business?

This process helps to identify areas of your business that need attention, and helps prioritize the action steps you will set in step 4.

2. Goal Setting

Making a list of goals is easy, but that can turn into an endless list of to-dos that spin around your head and compete for your time and energy.

There is an art and science to effective goal setting, and it usually starts with the acronym SMART.

Depending on who you ask, the verbiage can be slightly different, but the overall concept is that effective goals are:

S = specific, significant

M = measurable, meaningful

A = attainable, action-oriented

R = reasonable, realistic

T = tangible, trackable

My goal setting process shows you how to sort through all of your goals and prioritize them for work and personal success.

3. Strategic Planning

Identifying and prioritizing goals is only successful if you implement them successfully!

To be a successful business owner it’s crucial to have the skills needed to bridge goal setting with taking action, and to avoid the common pitfalls that keep us from taking action.

After listing your goals, you need to look at each one and determine which of the following categories they fall into:

  • The “Non-negotiables” that must happen by certain dates

  • Regular/consistent daily and weekly activities.

  • Occasional - monthly or seasonal activities

  • Projects - both one-time and ongoing

Once you’ve categorized your activities, you’ll map an “ideal” schedule, making room for each category, then block the specific activities on your day-to-day calendar trying to get as close to your ideal schedule as possible.

4. Take Action Now that you have set your goals, prioritized, and planned implementation steps, it’s time to put your plan into action!

Action involves more than just sitting down and trying to do what you said you would do each day.

It’s important to develop routines, rituals, and adjustment skills. When I coach business owners, they are amazed at the increase in productivity they experience after I show them how to create routines and rituals out of tasks that they previously struggled to complete on time.

Adjustment skills are also important: no plan ever works from day 1, so you need to have a system in which you review what you accomplish (and don’t accomplish) each day/week/month, notice what worked and what didn’t, and adjust your plan and goals accordingly.

5. Evaluate & Celebrate

Part of the struggle of owning your own business is the loss of tangible feedback and recognition.

And sometimes, when you are in the trenches doing all the work, it’s hard for you to see the progress you are making.

If you aren’t working with a business coach, I encourage you to join a mastermind group of like minded entrepreneurs where you can share your successes and your struggles, share and receive feedback and suggestions, celebrate progress, and get some guidance, support, and accountability as you work to improve your business!

Or, invest in yourself and your business and hire a productivity coach who can help you save time, make more money, create a more productive team and better experience for your clients, get better results and referrals, and do more of the work you love

Why Organizational Apps & Planners Aren’t Enough

A common pitfall of the overwhelmed entrepreneur is to think that an organization app or planner will restore work-life balance.

There are three major pitfalls to this approach:

  1. No accountability. Apps and planners sit on your desk or phone, broadcasting guilt and frustration at you by showing you what deadlines you have missed and commitments you haven’t met. There is no one holding you accountable and helping you learn and change as you grow.

  2. No outside viewpoint. Planners and apps can’t look at your business with a fresh, unbiased perspective and help you formulate action plans that are both achievable and focused on your goals.

  3. No personalization. Your business and life-demands are unique, and your pathway to success should be too. Any path to success needs to be devised for your business and the unique demands that you face on a daily basis.

Apps and planners may be effective tools for your work-life balance toolkit, but without a personalized action plan that is focused on achieving your goals, they only serve to keep track of what is overwhelming you.

I strongly encourage you to find a partner, mentor, group, or coach who will help you focus on the goals that matter, create strategic and achievable action plans, and provide the support you need along the way.

Are You Ready to Get Stuff Done?

Imagine the freedom of feeling like your life and your business are under control.

Take the 5-step path . . . to FREEDOM. Freedom from the constant pressure of goals, to-do’s, deadlines, and guilt swirling around your head.

My 5-Step Get Stuff Done Coaching Process is the first step to developing a more productive business and team.

That said, I believe that everyone’s path to work-life balance is different.

Each person I coach gets an individual plan—we look at your unique situation and devise a plan specific to your business and your needs.

When you work with me, I don’t take you on a generic path to success. We find the best path for you.

Schedule a free phone consultation to learn how I can help you get more stuff done in less time, while leading a productive (and happy) team and creating clients who are raving fans!

About Monica Young

Monica is a productivity coach for service-based businesses with teams of 2-25. Her personalized and intuitive approach has helped her clients reach their goals in a way that feels peaceful and balanced, so they can work and play with passion and joy!

Choose from coaching strategy sessions, intensive coaching plans, or small group coaching, each personalized to reflect your specific work and personal demands.

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