7 Reasons You Need a Productivity Coach

Running a service-based business can be overwhelming. Perhaps you just added a team, or your responsibilities are growing, and you have so many things to do that you can’t keep all the plates in the air anymore.

Which makes you wonder: does my business need a productivity coach?

The Challenges Of Business Growth

Most people start a business because they are passionate about something and really great at it. The business grows quickly because of those two things, which is great, but this is also where challenges start to pop up:

Most business owners have never been taught how to run a business or lead a team, and don’t have any guidance and support as they navigate these new waters.

How Can a Productivity Coach Help Me?

A skilled productivity coach can help you in a myriad of ways:

1. Experience

An effective productivity coach will have experience in the business setting that their client is working in. This allows the coach to share their experience and the lessons they have learned.

Benefitting from their knowledge and experience will shorten your learning curve and allow you to avoid potential problems before they start.

2. Training

Your productivity coach should have training in both running a service-based business and leading teams. This gives them the expertise needed to effectively analyze your business and recommend options that will be most effective for your specific needs.

3. Skills

Many business owners are missing a few skills needed to run an expanding business—and that’s understandable. When a business grows, it is next to impossible to be experienced and skilled in everything your business needs.

A productivity coach brings these missing skills to the table: team management, productivity coaching, and more.

4. Systems & Templates

A skilled productivity coach will be well-versed in a wide variety of systems and templates that will help you leverage your time and increase productivity.

As businesses grow and expand, systems, strategies, and templates can be game-changers that take previously time-consuming tasks and streamline them, making them easier to delegate.

A good productivity coach helps you identify processes that can be leveraged using systems and templates, choose the right system, and implement it.

5. Team Leadership

If your business is rapidly expanding, you may be struggling with team leadership.

You are great at what you do, have the vision and drive to take your business to new levels, but don’t have either the time or the expertise to manage your team.

That’s where a productivity coach comes in. A coach will look at the team you are managing, the functions you need that team to perform, and will use systems and templates to make each function easier to delegate to your team.

6. Guidance & Support

When you first start your business, it can be lonely. You don’t have anybody to talk to, you’re working so hard, and you’ve got all these ideas and questions. You need somebody to brainstorm with, but who?

You can’t really do it with your spouse, partner, or best friend; they aren’t a business owner and don’t have the expertise you need. You don’t want to talk to your clients or your team because those aren’t the right people to be talking to.

A productivity coach is a wonderful combination of expertise and empathy. They know what you need to know, and they also totally relate to your challenges and can provide that guidance and support that you are craving.

7. Decision Support

Another challenge that business owners face is sorting through well-meaning advice.

This person says you should be on social media, that person says the only place you should be is on LinkedIn.

A productivity coach can help you take ideas and advice and figure out which choices are best for you and your business. They are not influenced by that personal connection, they are trained to help you figure out what is best for you and your business

Streamline Your Business With a Productivity Coach

If you are trying to grow your service-based business, or if it’s already growing and you are trying to keep up, a productivity coach can help you get back on track and help you grow your business exponentially.

A skilled productivity coach will provide the expertise, guidance, support and accountability needed for your business to grow and flourish.

Each person Monica Young coaches gets a highly individualized approach; she looks at your unique situation and devises a plan specific to your business and your needs.

This means she will not take you on a generic path to success—she will find the best path for you.

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About Monica Young

Monica is a productivity coach for service-based businesses with teams of 2-25. Her personalized and intuitive approach has helped her clients reach their goals in a way that feels peaceful and balanced, so they can work and play with passion and joy!

Choose from coaching strategy sessions, intensive coaching plans, or small group coaching, each personalized to reflect your specific work and personal demands.

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