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If a magic Genie could grant you 3 work wishes, would a clutter-free and organized office be one of them? 

How amazing would it feel if everything in your office had a space and a place, and you and your team could actually find what you need when you need it? 

In reality. . .

People are constantly scooting stuff over here to get to something over there. 

No one knows where to find the original or the most current copy (of anything), so there are duplicates of duplicates, and they are all wrong. 


You have 27 staplers for 6 people, and not a staple, binder or paper clip in sight, even though there are 4 different places any of those things “could” be. 

You need a shovel to get into one storage/supply room, there is an entire wall of boxes from the 1980’s (that you’re not even sure belong to your company) in what your Sales Manager could - and really should - be using as a private office. And don’t even get me started on that break room.

We're not judging. The struggle is real.

You got ambitious one rainy Saturday and tried to Marie Kondo it, but you made an even bigger mess pulling everything out, then got too overwhelmed to deal with it and started shoving stuff in drawers and closets, just to make it all go away.


Susie has gotten fired up enough to try to get things organized a time or two, but things always get cluttered up again by the end of the week. And Susie should be doing more useful things with her time. 

Maybe you’ve even considered burning it all (in a fire pit out back, of course) and starting fresh. It’s tempting, we know.

That doesn't mean you're a psychopath.

You are overwhelmed, that’s all. Business owners are always on the go, trying to keep up with all the things all the time. Serving your clients, leading your teams, and trying to spend some quality time with your family keeps you incredibly busy. 

“Getting organized” is not ringing or dinging, doesn’t pay you, no one has gotten lost or hurt (yet), and nothing is on fire (yet). It’s just one more thing to do, with time you don’t have to spare, and it’s nowhere near the top of your priority list. 

But having all that clutter on your mind and in your way every day is costing you and your team precious time and energy.

Open Space Office

That's why you need Organize my Office!

We created this life changing done-in-a-day service for busy business owners just like you who want to get organized but don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself.

Here's how it works:

First, my Program Director Lori will meet you at your office for a walk-through to discuss your organizing wishes, challenges, etc. Yes, she will be opening closets and looking in drawers and cabinets. No, you don’t need to clean up before she gets there. She needs to see the natural state of things. 

Then Lori will develop a step-by-step Action Plan including recommendations for strategies, systems, and supplies. 

Next, our team of Organizing Ninjas (yes, they really do exist) will take over your office for a day, clear out the clutter, and give everything a place and a process.

Our ninjas actually enjoy organizing:

  • Break rooms 

  • Common areas 

  • Digital files and folders 

  • Front desk / reception areas 

  • Meeting rooms 

  • Private offices 

  • Paper files and folders

  • Storage areas 

  • Warehouses

1. We are not a cleaning service or movers, but we’re happy to recommend some if needed. 

2. If you need high-level help with creating, choosing, or coordinating systems to help streamline your workflow or time/task/project management, our Productivity Coaching programs may be a better fit.

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Let's be honest, it's a hot mess in there

You could use the help, and we make it easy. ​Our Organizing Ninjas will get your entire office organized in one one day. 


We will provide you and your team with detailed instructions, checklists, and any other resources needed to maintain the systems we set up. And we even have monthly and seasonal maintenance plans to help keep things tidy and on track.

Bright Modern Office

Monica really helped me to feel at ease when I struggled to talk about some of my pitfalls with organization. She was very proactive to provide the tools I needed to set a schedule and flesh it out with my lifestyle in mind.

Shari Sweeney

A Certain Aesthetic

I’ve used Monica’s services several times and she is excellent. She is professional, organized, and a wonderful person to be around.


You will LOVE Organize my Office if:

  • You have tried and failed to organize your office on your own

  • The clutter and chaos is driving you and your team crazy 

  • You believe in Genies and Organizing Ninjas 

  • You want to get the organizing stuff done, so you and your team can redirect your time and energy to having some fun (and serving your clients and making lots of money)

  • You have buy-in from your team and a commitment from them to follow through with the systems we set up

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Bring on the ninjas!


On a busy workday, the thought of stopping to get organized never even crosses my mind. My focus is on serving my clients. Setting a time to have an organizer come in and address the issue was the only way it was going to happen. Since Monica’s visit, I have much more pride in my office space and feel less stressed throughout the day (looking at clutter stresses me out). I’ve sent photos to almost everyone I know because I am so proud of how neat and organized my space looks - it makes me so happy! It is much easier to keep my office tidy now that everything has a place, and I’ve been able to pull samples, find catalogs, and put together packages for shipping, saving me time, and ultimately MONEY.

Sherry Jones

Imagine Promotional Group

While we were working together, I had a lot of “duh” moments. Everything Monica suggested was simple, effective, and made total sense. Why couldn’t I think of this??? Now that the work is done, it feels manageable from here on out. I can see everything - and I have the systems in place to keep it that way.

Leslie Robinson

State Farm Insurance

With Organize my Office, all* your work wishes can come true!

*Well, really just one of them. But even if you’re not ready for Organize My Office, I would love to learn about your other two wishes.


Send me an email to let me know what your other work wishes are, and I will send you a checklist, guide, resource, or referral that may be able to help!