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Whatever type of coaching you choose, one thing is certain, together we will embrace your next great adventure, help you get ready for big changes, and make sure you find your so much more. Having a Holistic Life and Business Coach means that every area of your journey will be addressed. It is my job to help you enter the next phase of your journey balanced, peaceful, and joyful.

What kind of adventures could we go on?

  • Breaking free from energetically draining people and situations.
  • Building powerful and meaningful relationships.
  • Clearing clutter and getting organized.
  • Connecting with how you are feeling and coping with life.
  • Creating a drama-free life.
  • Discovering, harnessing, and sharing your life’s purpose
  • Exploring what brings you peace, balance, and joy
  • Financial security and independence.
  • Finding the ideal job, career or business.
  • Finding the ideal partner or relationship.
  • Gaining more time to enjoy life.
  • Getting out of a rut.
  • Identifying core values and passions.
  • Making an important life transition.
  • Making more money and saving more money.
  • Managing anger, upsets, frustration, fears, stress, grief, loss, sadness and change.
  • Mastering confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.
  • Prioritizing your own needs.
  • Starting or growing a business.

Private Coaching

When we work together one-on-one, we can structure every interaction to meet your needs. We will work on creating balance and harmony in your life while focusing on your goals. Private coaching is available as 90-minute strategy sessions, as well as 3-hour and 7-hour VIP Days. We can explore so much during these sessions. Custom Private Coaching packages are available.


Group Coaching

Sometimes the best journeys of our lives will be assisted by the support of others. In a Group Coaching session, you will not only get one-on-one, private coaching sessions, you will also be part of a small group going through the same process of discovery as yourself. You'll have the opportunity to commune with a like-minded body of women who will offer support, feedback, and a nurturing environment in which to cultivate your transformation. Each Group Coaching session is three months and start with the ushering in of each season. 


"Monica was so welcoming and on point during our coaching session. I appreciate her patience when I wasn't sure about what to say or how to do certain things regarding getting organized for my business. We shared lots of smiles and laughter."

- Shari s.



So Much More Retreats

Spend a week of self-care and self-discovery among the most beautiful beaches and mountains that North Carolina has to offer. We will explore what it means to nurture our bodies and minds while enjoying the time we need to relax and unwind. Spring 2019 So Much More Retreat on Nags Head Island begins booking in January 2019. Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to make your reservation!