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Wouldn’t it feel amazing if you had an inspired team of people, working in their highest and best capacity, who provided a consistently delightful experience for your clients? 

Maybe right now, that feels impossible?

There is just so much to do and everyone is already spread too thin. No one has time to create or implement a training program, so you’ve been throwing new hires into the deep end and hoping they can swim. 


Learning-on-the-job is nice in theory, but performance has been inconsistent at best, and you find yourself constantly double-checking people’s work, putting out fires, and correcting mistakes.

What else can you do?!?

You’ve tried offering benefits and bonus programs, hiring consultants to do training/workshops, and even promoting people to leadership positions. 


You’ve tried being nice, mean, mad and sad. You’ve even resorted to yelling, begging and/or pleading. 


And meetings. So many meetings...


With every effort, things seem to look up for a week or two then everyone gets busy again and you’re back to the same old routines.

You are not alone.

Most business owners have never actually been taught how to run a business, much less lead a team. And because business is booming, you’ve been scrambling to put things together as they come along. 


You would love to offer a welcoming, productive, and exciting environment, but just don’t have the time to provide consistent guidance and support, which has led to dissatisfaction, poor performance, and high turnover.


That's why I created Leverage my Leadership!

It’s for busy business owners and team leaders who want to create the structure and systems to produce a consistently high performing and happy team, with minimal time investment and maximum results.


We'll start with a full assessment

We’ll explore your current team and leadership practices, what’s going on now, how you want things to look, feel, and flow in the future, what your challenges and strengths are, and steps needed to move forward. 


Then we'll make time for a CEO Day

A full day blocked off and dedicated to strategy, planning, and actually getting things done?!?! Yes, please! 


Your CEO Day will start with a planning session to pin down the strategies, systems, and SOP’s that are needed to maximize your team’s time, energy and resources. 

We will collaborate to create your step-by-step action plan for moving forward, including how to get everyone performing at their highest potential, how to fit it all in, and how to have some fun along the way.


After a relaxing lunch, we’ll take the first steps together to start implementing the highest priority item(s) in your action plan.


Mentorship will keep you moving forward. . .

While implementing your new systems and developing the new habits, rhythms, and routines, your team will need some extra special guidance and support, and so will you.


That’s why you will spend the next 6-12 months in 1-to-1 mentorship with me, where I’ll provide the guidance, support, accountability, and motivation you’ll need to stay clear, calm and in-control. 

Two brief productivity calls will be scheduled each month to evaluate your progress and strategize next steps. 


Between calls you will have unlimited email support and full access to my complete library of checklists, guides, templates, and resources.


Additional SOS Calls can be scheduled as needed to dig into anything holding you back or tripping you up.

Here are just a few of the areas we can focus on:

  • Recruitment

  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Evaluation

  • Retention

  • Day-to-day management

  • Developing Leaders

  • Efficient delegation techniques

  • Goal setting & accountability

  • Running effective meetings

  • Time Management

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Unfortunately, I can't lead your team for you.

But I can and will help you streamline and systematize your day-to-day leadership to grow your team effectively for consistent high-level performance, reduced turnover, and more free-time (and fun!) for all. 

Leverage my Leadership is for your if:

You want to inspire and motivate your current team to operate at their maximum potential

You would love to provide the guidance, support, and tools necessary for your team members perform their jobs effectively without feeling micromanaged

You could use some help developing your programs and SOP’s for recruitment, training, development, and retention

You believe hard work is important, but quality is more important than quantity and work-life balance is a high priority for you and your team

You have been in business at least three years, have at least 3 employees, and/or a revenue of at least $30,000 a month


I know you're busy.

That’s exactly why you need Leverage My Leadership. By investing a minimal amount of time, energy and resources now, you’ll maximize your time, energy and resources moving forward. 


Over the next few weeks and months, you’ll develop a high-performing and happy team, operating with maximum efficiency and productivity, and minimum turnover. 

Your clients will be delighted to receive more consistent service and results, which means you will retain them longer, and they will happily refer their friends, increasing your revenue exponentially. 


You’ll free up some time and energy to work on your work-life balance. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to take a vacation without spending the entire time on the phone putting out fires, because finally, your business will be able to operate seamlessly, without you doing all the things all the time.