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It’s time for a change and you’re willing to do the work. But you don’t know what to do or how to get started, and you just don’t have time to waste while you figure it all out.


If only you had an expert guide dedicated to your success. . .


Hi! My name is Monica Young. I am a Life, Business and Organization Coach, specializing in strategic planing and time management. With a customized and intuitive approach I help my clients reach their goals in a way that feels peaceful and balanced so they can work and play with passion and joy! 


I have owned my own business and served as a teacher, trainer, coach, guide, and mentor for over 20 years, and have helped hundreds of others reach their biggest, scariest, and most wonderful goals.


Instead of me telling you all about me, I thought you might like to hear from some of my clients.


Before working with Monica, I felt frustrated with how my days were flowing (or not) - Larissa P. I was feeling anxious and stressed about my work life balance - E. Chang Before working with Monica, I felt all over the place when it came to organizing my schedule, which led to me being exhausted all the time. - Shari S. After a year of working on my business I was feeling stuck. - Aimee S. Before Monica, I always felt like I was half-way to organized. - Leslie R. I felt overwhelmed by how to even begin the process. - Sherry J. Before I started working with Monica, I felt like my work was not defined, and I was molding myself to fit whatever job or client came my way. - Jacquie S.


I wanted to make sure I was using my time most effectively. - Lou H. I felt like there weren’t a lot of people I could talk to to strategize for my business. - Karen H. I was wanting to get clarity around the several different businesses I’m running. I knew I needed an outside perspective and someone who could help me walk though all the noise in my head. - Christine S. I wanted to focus on establishing a balance between work and home life, specifically as it pertains to staying focused on my work so that it doesn’t absorb 100% of my time. - Maria M. I was looking to expand my clientele and gain more confidence in my work. I needed someone to bounce ideas off of who was knowledgeable in starting a business. - Aimee S. When I booked the appointment with Monica I felt a sense of relief knowing someone would take charge of the situation and I would not have to do it alone. - Sherry J.


I never had to develop good habits and I always felt like anything I did wasn't "good enough.” - Lou H It’s not easy for me to dig into the things that scare me about being a business owner, friend, mom, and general human. - Lis T My block had been having too many unfocused ideas floating around - Maria M. I guess the hardest piece was admitting I am not as confident as I wish I was. - Aimee S. My biggest challenge was being completely raw and honest with Monica, but more importantly, myself. - Heather W. On a busy workday, the thought of stopping to get organized never even crosses my mind. My focus is on serving my clients. Setting a time to have an organizer come in and address the issue was the only way it was going to happen. - Sherry J It was a huge undertaking and realized that I couldn’t do it all on my own. - Karen P.


I chose to work with Monica because of her Holistic Approach to coaching. - Lou H I find it really helpful to partner with a coach in order to work through a problem or a hurdle. - Larissa P Becoming vulnerable to another human is not easy, and Monica made me very comfortable to share right from the start without fear of judgment or reprimand. - Maria M. I met Monica through some co workers and immediately felt her ability to train and improve my work. She was someone I was comfortable around and I knew I could trust her. - Aimee S. Not only does Monica have a wealth of knowledge to share, but she is also so positive and easy to talk to. - Karen H. Within 5 minutes of talking I had a handful of simple and easy to implement ideas to expand my client base and get more value out of my time. - Jacqui S.


She helps me take the long list of things I need to get done and schedule them with steps, all while making sure I’m devoting time to all the aspects of my life that need my attention and nurturing. - Lis T I really appreciated her ability to reframe issues that I was stuck thinking about in only one particular way. - Christine S The best part of working with Monica was that she gave me flexibility to change my daily routine as needed. She helped me realize there's no reason for me to burn out at the start of my self-employment path. - Lou H The best thing is Monica will not let you leave without having a plan. You will resolve whatever it is you have to resolve - she is very, very focused on that. If you get off track, she guides you back to make sure you are meeting your goal(s). She also asks good questions that are challenging - not impossible but deep enough that you have to really think. - E. Chang She helped me break down my business in a way I often felt I was too busy to do or just didn’t know where to start. - Karen H. While we were working together, I had a lot of “duh” moments. Everything Monica suggested was simple, effective, and made total sense. Why couldn’t I think of this??? There was no pressure to do anything her way - just making sure that it made sense to me so I can keep it up after she left. - Leslie R. Monica asked questions that helped prioritize things. She helped me identify options, helping to measure what would be the best fit. - Sherry J.


Working with Monica was easy—her demeanor was non-judgmental and friendly, so it was easy to talk through my issues. Plus she kept us on track nicely. - Larissa P I appreciate her patience when I wasn’t sure about what to say or how to do certain things. She was very proactive to provide the tools I needed to set a schedule and flesh it out with my lifestyle in mind. We shared lots of smiles and laughter, which made the experience very pleasant. - Shari S I really liked how enthusiastic Monica was about my endeavors. She kept me on the same level when it would’ve been easy to give up. She offered 100% support and confidence to/in me, which was exactly what I needed. - Maria M. Working with Monica was easy, comfortable and fun. She never made me feel like I didn't know what I was doing or that my ideas were on the wrong track. - Aimee S. Working with Monica is such a wonderful experience. She’s straight-forward, kind, challenges you, and helps you make the best decisions. I enjoy all my interactions with her and look forward to our time together. Oh, and she’s funny, too! - Candi R. Monica is very positive and non-judgmental - both excellent qualities for someone who is digging around in your “mess.” She stayed focused on the mission at hand, but never seemed stressed or rushed. - Sherry J. Monica is such a magical human. She asks such deep questions, with such love and acceptance. - Lis T


Monica helped me stop spinning my wheels and start putting concrete plans into place. I already feel more productive and less scattered! - Larissa P I really needed a clear picture on my next move and you gave that to me. I feel more knowledgeable and excited. I can't wait to make these changes and see what happens. - Aimee S. She has transformed my mindset so that I am able to manage my time more effectively, be more productive with work, and just be able to get stuff done. It is amazing how much more I am able to get accomplished in day and still manage to have time for myself. - Nancy B. It was your guidance that gave me the courage to move forward with my true passion. For this, I’ll be eternally grateful! - Amanda C. I’m excited and feel confident that I can take control of my finances. Finances will no longer control me. - Heather W. What has changed the most is now I have a clear vision of my business and how I can best serve others. I’m excited to grow my business, and I’m really proud of myself for doing the hard work, digging deep, taking an honest look at myself, what I love to do and what I do best, and centering my work around that vision. - Jacquie S. Since Monica’s visit, I have much more pride in my office space and feel less stressed throughout the day. (Looking at clutter stresses me out!). It is much easier to keep my office tidy now that everything has a place. It is saving me time, and ultimately MONEY. - Sherry J.


When wrapping up a session/program, I ask my clients to choose one word to describe how they feel after working with me. Here are some of their responses: If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be HOPEFUL. (Also OPTIMISTIC). - E. Chang If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be EXCITED. - Larissa P If I had to choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be ENCOURAGED. - Christine S. If I could choose one word to describe how I feel right now, it would be WILLING. - Shari S. If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be… FREED. (Freed from the bonds of my preconceived ideas of how and what I need to offer, and freed to go deeper into my creative side with my offers.) - Maria M. If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be MOTIVATED. - Aimee S. If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now, it would be EMPOWERED. - Heather W. The most prominent feeling that I carry with me is a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT, VALUE, and EXCITEMENT - Jacquie S. If I could choose one word to describe how I feel now it would be PROUD - Sherry J.


When I'm not working, you can find me snuggling with my spoiled Pit Bull, Millie, reading a psychological thriller, camping with my hubby, playing cards with my parents, or hiking with a friend.  


I love motivational quotes, tacos, road trips, all kinds of music, big dogs, and any opportunity for an impromptu dance party. 


The things that are most important to me are love, passion, joy, fun, and adventure. I make a sincere effort every day to laugh, love, and live my life to the fullest! 

Thin Stripes


Quick fixes, secret solutions, and magic bullets are not my thing. We will work together to create realistic goals and customized action steps for your big adventure. 


I will provide the guidance, support and accountability you deserve on every single step of your journey. There will be lots of hugs, an occasional kick-in-the-pants if needed, and plenty of celebrations all along the way. 


I am looking forward to working with you! 


Schedule a no-pressure consultation, get to know me better on my blog, or just say Hello


I can work with you from just about anywhere in the world, and I would love to connect with you.


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